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New article written for Houzz

New article written for Houzz


Being a landlord calls for more than offering a property to rent. You’ll need to invest time, effort and money to get that property to a safe and comfortable standard that will attract the right tenants and help you keep them. In fact, rushed design and décor jobs may mean you struggle to rent your property at all if it doesn’t appeal to tenants willing to pay the rent you need. Here, a group of experts give advice on transforming a rental property into one that tenants will want to call home.

Spend on essentials
As a landlord, you have a legal duty to provide gas and electricity equipment and systems that are safe (and to provide proof of this – more of which shortly). Always use qualified installers: it’s simply not worth trying to cut costs when it comes to safety. Fire safety is also, of course, a priority – your local fire service will provide a free home check to advise you on the measures you’ll need to take, and to ensure a safe property, Building Regulations must be adhered to (read more later in this piece, and find out more at the Government’s Planning Portal).

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